Green Tomatoes in July 2009 at Brix Bounty Farm

Growing Vegetables with Respect for the Earth and Future Generations

Our mission is to grow the finest quality produce, focusing on flavor, freshness, and nutrition.  We only use sustainable farming methods which enhance the soils natural fertility, and thereby its capacity to produce healthy produce.

Through investments in our natural capital (soils) and social capital (community) we aim to build sustainable sources of wealth.

In 2008 Katie and I moved back to southeastern Massachusetts, after farming for 2 seasons at Hawthorne Valley Farm in the Hudson River Valley of New York State.   Hawthorne Valley is a diversified farm producing Biodynamic vegetables, milk, yogurt, and other value added products.   Before my time in NY I farmed on Martha’s Vineyard where my wife grew up, her father and brother are commercial fishermen.  2011 will be my 10th season growing vegetables in the Northeast.  It has been a true honor and privilege to be focused on farming as a passion and career.

As a vegetable grower, I believe there is a strong relationship between the quality of food and the soil where it grows.  Through direct marketing our crops, we can focus on quality on a deeper level than larger commercial farms.  Our soils are the farm’s endowment, and therefore the first place we focus our investments.  We are striving to build the soil at Brix Bounty:  improving its biological activity, balancing the mineral nutrients, and enhancing the physical structure.  We have already experienced tremendous improvement in the soil quality on the farm, and while we are pleased with the current quality of production, we are admittedly still in the early stages of the regenerating soil health on the farm.

Long term, we will focus on continuing to build the health and quality of the soil, realizing without vibrant soils sustainable agriculture couldn’t exist.  In addition to the use of cover crops (or green manures) we’ll enrich our soil’s natural fertility using biodynamic preparations (compost teas), biological inoculants, compost, rock minerals, and trace mineral fertilizers.

We do not use synthetic fungicides, herbicides, or pesticides in the production of our vegetables. Instead we strive to grow crops which are more resistant to the diseases and pests commonly affecting crops in the Northeast.  Additionally we use crop rotation to minimize disease and insect pressure and utilize row cover when necessary to prevent insect damage.  Cultivation is performed with small scale equipment and hand tools, instead of chemical herbicides.

We firmly believe that fresh, nutrient dense vegetables are an essential element of a healthy diet, and play a critical role in the development and maintenance of healthy bodies.  As a community, the investments we make in our soils will lay the foundation for future health.  Flavor and bio-available nutrients are the natural profits of these investments and should be available to the entire community.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our farm, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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