Agricultural Economics

Resources and Essays coming soon… with a discussion of Original Wealth, Raw Material Economics, and the Slow Money movement.  The role of sustainable agriculture in a healthy economy and more…

Agriculture and Nutrition Policy

They say all politics are local, but when it comes to agriculture our national policy often drives the bigger issues.  If you are interested in becoming more involved in policy work focusing on agriculture I would suggest the following resources, if you are local to Southeastern Massachusetts I would invite you to contact me to learn more about local efforts.

  • Local – Voices for a Healthy Southcoast – To advocate for policy, practice, and environmental change that builds and sustains health among those who live, work, and attend school on the SouthCoast. Voices for a Healthy SouthCoast will focus in three areas: better nutrition, increased physical activity and cessation of tobacco products.
  • Nationally – There are two significant pieces of legislation that dramatically impact agricultural policy.  One is the Farm Bill, which is generally passed every 5 years and will next be up for reauthorization in 2012.  The Childhood Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act which is was due for reauthorization in 2009 was finally updated in late 2010.  The One Tray Campaign is one of the many resources focusing on improving school lunches.

Work focusing on Hunger Relief and Nutrition…