Agricultural Aperture

A series written and published by Brix Bounty Farm throughout 2011-12 focusing on topics which give us greatest pause, concern, and hope as we look to the future of agriculture on the Southcoast of Massachusetts.



Planting Seeds: a Prosperity of the Commons Wishlist of Actions & Ideas

(Intro and  Wish List for 2011)

Pulse of Photosynthesis Fund – Improving the Circulation of Capital to Enhance Southcoast Agricultural Capacity –

for Pulse of Photosynthesis Fund info contact Derek.

Soils Institute – Elevating Soil Stewardship to a Society-Wide Priority –

for Soils Institute info contact Derek.

Agricultural Aperture Series Introduction (January 6, 2011)

Looking Ahead to the Next Decade of Southcoast Agriculture and Beyond

Please note:  we’ll be redirecting our attention to our Agricultural Aperture series in Fall 2011.

#1 – Impact of Peak Oil on Food and Agriculture on the Southcoast

#2 – Land, Resources, and Climate Change

#3 – Exposing Externalities – Ecological Economics

#4 – Reversing the Trend of Nutrient Decline in our Food Supply

#5 – A Return to Vibrant Local Foodsheds

#6 – Labor&Agriculture – Who and What

#7 – Seeds and Technology

#8 – Soils:  A Foundation for Health

#9 – Diversity: A Necessary Strength

#10 – Developing New Knowledge and Skills

#11 – Wealth, Capital Investments, and Value (s)

#11b – What if…

#12 – Celebrating Community Connections