We started Know Your Vegetables in the Fall of 2008 to provide a forum for exchange among local growers.  Our aim in offering these sessions was to focus our workshops on tools and techniques related to growing nutrient dense foods for commercial production.

Update (February 2013):  We have continued to tailor our commercial production workshops to events in collaboration with NOFA and the Bionutrient Food Association.  See our Events Page for a full listing of upcoming workshops.  SEMAP will once again be offering a series of twilight workshops on farms throughout the region this year.

Update (January 2012): In 2012 we do not plan to host Know Your Vegetable Workshops.  We suggest you consider attending one of our various upcoming educational events and checking out the new twilight series presented by SEMAP (information and schedule will be posted late February 2012).

In 2011 we hosted Dan Kittredge for a special Nutrient Dense Crop Production Series in partnership with Friends Academy in Dartmouth.  These workshops took place over the course of 5 Saturdays in 2011 ( Jan 8, Feb 19, Apr 16, and June 18, Aug 27).

In the Winter of 2009/2010 we elected to take a break from Know Your Vegetable workshops to allow our customary Monday evening slot to be focused on our Winter Study and in 2010 we took the summer off from most programming as we enjoyed the early months of our new daughter’s life.

Previous Know Your Vegetables topics included:

September 2009 – Soil Testing and Fall Cover Crops

October 2009 – Fall Fertilizers and Composting

November 2009 – Nutrient Density in Foods

December 2009 – Biodynamic Agriculture

January 2009 – Preparing a Seed Order and Variety Selection

February 2009 – Tools for the Vegetable Garden, Small- Scale Farm

March 2009 – Seed Starting, Greenhouses and Cold Frames

April 2009 – Sustainable Production Techniques, Row Covers and Transplanting

May 2009 – Weeds, Cultivation, and Stale Bedding

June 2009 – Alternative Soil and Tissue Testing in the Field – Monitoring Soil Conductivity (ERGS), pH, and Brix of Plant Sap

July 2009 – Foliar Fertilizers: Compost Teas, Biodynamic Preparations and Foliar Sprays to Increase Production and Improve Disease Resistance

Roots Down New Bedford – Tuesday July 12th, 2010 at 4PM – a special Roots Down workshop at Brix Bounty Farm (858 Tucker Road) focusing on drip irrigation systems and foliar fertilizers, as well as a farm tour and general conversation about summertime crops.  Roots Down New Bedford is a free organic gardening workshop series presented by Brix Bounty Farm.  Come join in our conversations aimed to help make your garden more bountiful and nutritious.  This workshop/tour will include info suitable for growers of all scales… from a 4×8 raised bed to 10 acres of market vegetables.

Saturday December 18th, 2010, 10 AM: Join us for a Know Your Vegetables Session – Open Greenhouse at Brix Bounty Farm.  We’ll spend a bit of time inside our propagation greenhouse which we currently use as a winter “kitchen garden” to grow greens.  We’ll take time to discuss good crops for the winter, climate management, and the role of soil fertility in wintertime production.