What Seeds Do We Sow, What Crops Do We Grow? 

We plan each season with our CSA Shares as the focus of our harvest plan; while a majority of our crops are available at the farmstand & market, we do grow select crops exclusively for our CSA.

We are in the planning stages for crop varieties which we’ll include in our 2017 planting plan.  To view a list of weekly CSA distributions from previous seasons, see our CSA Newsletters page.  Thanks to Baker Creek Seeds, Fedco Seeds, High Mowing Organic Seeds, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, and Nourse Farms for carrying out the good work of marketing quality fruit and vegetable plants and seeds.

New in 2017 & 2018:  Brix Bounty Exploring the Harvest

Recipe suggestions, Focusing on Human Nutrition & Well Being

Released Throughout the  Growing Seasons

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Jan 2017 Update – This Page is Under Construction

         Arugula  Arugula     Basil

Beans Beets Beets

Brassica Greens brassica greens      broccoli Broccoli

              Cabbage cabbage      carrots Carrots

Celery           Celeriac

cilantro Cilantro

               Chard chard     sweet corn Corn

Cucumbers cucumbers     dill Dill

           Eggplant eggplant     bulb fennel Fennel, Bulb

 Garlic   garlic scapes  Garlic Scapes

Kale   kale  Kohlrabi

                Leeks  leeks    Lettuce Heads

Lettuce Mix lettuce mix    melonsMelons

               Onions Onions     pac choi Pac Choi

Parsnips    peas Peas, Sugar Snap

       Peppers   peppers     jalapeno peppers Peppers, Hot 

Peppers, Mini peppers, mini     peppers Peppers, Sweet

Potatoes potatoes     radishes   Radishes

         Spinach spinach     summer squash Summer Squash

Tom, Cherry cherry tomatoes     heirloom tomatoes Tom, Heirloom

Tomatoes, Paste,   tomatoes  Tomatoes, Slicing

Tomatillos   macomber  Turnips, Macomber

Turnips, Salad hakurei turnips     watermelons Watermelons

Winter Squash winter squash      Zucchini Flower Zucchnini

In 2014 we moved to our new location on Bakerville Road.  We have yet to establish fruit plantings on the new land; in the coming seasons we anticipate planting blackberries, raspberries, & strawberries exclusively for our CSA members.