Availability, Nutrition, and Recipe Suggestions



In Season:  2 Prime Seasons Spring (May – June) and the Fall (September – November)

(Note:  we sometimes have limited availability of summertime radishes in July & August)

Storage:  Radishes are best kept in the fridge, inside a plastic bag.  If bunched, you can remove the greens to preserve the roots for longer storage.  Look for “storage” types – including watermelon radishes in the late fall.  These storage varieties can be kept for several months in a plastic bag in the fridge.

Preservation:  Quick Pickled Radishes are one option (recipe from Jessica in the Kitchen)

Production Notes:  We typically produce “Spring” radishes which mature starting in late May and continuing into early July.  Summertime typically includes a lull in radish production on the farm.  Fresh radishes return in September and are available until hard freezes in November.  Some seasons we also produce radishes in our fieldhouses… providing availability as early as April and into late December (for our wintertime CSA members).

Varieties:  Red Radish varieties include Rover and Crunchy Royale, Fall varieties including Daikon and Watermelon aka Red Meat (an open pollinated variety) are typically available starting in mid-October through the end of the season.

Nutrition:  Radishes are a good source of Vitamin C and dietary fiber.

Deep Nutrition:  Radishes (along with other brassicas) contains Glucosinolates, sulfur compounds, which may aid in cancer prevention.  Speaking of Glucosinolates, perhaps we’ll have to reconsider planting Black Spanish Radishes… Like many spring veggies, radishes may aid your detox, especially assisting the liver…

Preparation:  Depending on your preference for spice… radishes can be consumed raw, in salads and prepared dishes, and fermented recipes.  Not much needs to be done beyond a quick scrub to start eating your radishes…  Occasionally we’ll bunch radishes with their greens, these radish tops are edible – often lightly sauteed.

Radish Recipe Suggestions:

Radishes are so simple to add to a quick salad, many folks don’t venture beyond the basics.  In Spring and Fall abundant radish harvests may tip the balance… feeling overwhelmed?

These are just a few ideas to help get you started.  Enjoy!