Growing Food with Respect for the Earth and Future Generations

Growing a Foundation for Health… Starts in the Soil

Brix Bounty Farm

Located in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, Brix Bounty Farm focuses on investing in our natural capital (soils) and human capital (agricultural skills and knowledge) to create sustainable sources of original wealth.  Brix Bounty Farm vegetables are marketed locally (currently within 5 miles of the farm) through a community supported agriculture (CSA) program, the downtown New Bedford Farmer’s Market, and a roadside stand at 449 Bakerville Road.  In 2014 we moved from our original location on Tucker Road to the King Farm on Bakerville Road, where we plan to grow vegetables long into the future.

Founded in 2008, Brix Bounty Farm aims to produce and promote the production of nutrient dense foods, using sustainable growing methods which focus on improving soil health for long-term agricultural viability.  Central to this mission are efforts to improve food security through community projects which increase knowledge and awareness of sustainable production techniques on farms and in backyard and community gardens.  Brix Bounty works with local non-profits and community groups to bridge the connection between soil, diet, and health.

Derek, Katie, Mariah, Eulalia “Eula”, & Walter Christianson

Farmer & Farm Family

Derek Christianson is the farmer at Brix Bounty Farm in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.   He has been farming in the Northeast for the past fifteen seasons, relocating to the South Coast from Hawthorne Valley Farm in New York.  Derek and Katie started Brix Bounty Farm in 2008.  They welcomed the opportunity to move closer to Katie’s Family, who have long lived on the Vineyard.  Derek focuses on farming and Katie’s energy is focused on raising our 3 children.

Derek serves on the farm committee and as a project consultant for the Dartmouth YMCA – Sharing the Harvest Community Farm, is on the NOFA/Mass board, SEMAP board, the Bionutrient Food Association board, and the town of Dartmouth’s Agricultural Commission.

2016 Crew Members

Greg Veitch

Hailing from Connecticut, Greg is currently cycletouring in Louisiana & Texas… full bio will be posted in the spring 2016.

Matt Walsh

Matt WalshMatt Walsh grew up in a military family moving about the country, but eventually settled in East Taunton.  After attending Boston University where he studied Sociology, Matt taught middle school science and S.T.E.M. in New Bedford as well as Fall River.  Looking to expand skill sets and spend more time under the sun, he moved to Westport and worked as an Engagement Manager at The Trustees of Reservations where he connected schools, youth, and families through various degrees of environmental programming.  A combination of working at Weir River Farm and a side project in his parents backyard growing vegetables turned into a greater appreciation for agriculture, which ultimately led him to seek a position at Brix Bounty Farm.  He loves to read, find new ways to explore his creative energy, and enjoy his days. =

Workshare Members & Part-Time Staff

Marlene Holohan

Josh Louro

Past Brix Bounty Crew Members

Nicki Anderson (2013 & 2014 Seasons) – Farm Manager – City Farm, San Luis Obispo, CA

Nicki Anderson grew up in Los Gatos, California, exploring the beaches and mountains of Santa Cruz and Lake Tahoe. She studied Portuguese & Brazilian Studies and Africana Studies at Brown University, but returned to the west coast unsure as to what to do with her life. Eventually she found farming as a year long apprentice at Green String Farm in Petaluma, CA, and then returned to the east coast to learn about season extension and experience New England’s farming heritage. After spending a season at Red Fire Farm as tractor operator, she moved to Dartmouth to develop her soil skills at Brix Bounty. She lives at Round the Bend Farm, and loves being around the farm animals. She helps with the gardens at YouthBuild New Bedford, teaches gardening workshops, and is the Garden Stewardship Coordinator for the city of New Bedford. She plays piano for the Dartmouth Grange and loves swimming in the ocean during her lunchtime.

Steve Murray (2011 & 2012 Seasons) – Owner – Heart Beets Farm, Berkley MA

Steve and his wife Sarah operate Heart Beets Farm in Southeastern Massachusetts.  Before joining the Brix Bounty Farm team Steve managed Kettle Pond Farm CSA in Berkley, MA.  A longtime resident of the region, Steve graduated from UMass Dartmouth with a degree in Physics.

Jerahmy Parsons (2010 and 2013 Seasons)

Jerahmy has moved west to work the Vineyards of California…

Conor Rice (2015 Season) – Rice’s Roots Farm, Petersham, MA

After a short & sweet stint with Brix Bounty Farm in 2015, Conor Rice has started Rice’s Roots Farm in Petersham, MA (Western Mass) and is working with Red Fire Farm for the 2016 season…