Availability, Nutrition, and Recipe Suggestions

leeks leeks

In Season:  At Brix Bounty leeks are available from early September through December

Storage:  Leeks can be kept in the fridge in a plastic bag; if sealed well the roots will last a few weeks, though they will tend to dry out a bit over time…

Preservation:  Leeks are best stored frozen in finished form… a la Potato Leek Soup.

Production Notes:  Growing leeks is very labor intensive, we aim to start harvesting leeks beginning in early September and continue into December.  Our production of leeks is limited, therefore their supply will also be limited; we typically have them on and off through the fall.

Varieties:  Over the years we have shifted our production toward hybrid varieties, relying on Megaton for early fall leeks and Lexton for harvesting into the colder months.

Nutrition:  Looking for antioxidants?  Look no further, in addition to being a good source of Vitamin K, leeks are held in high regard for their flavenoids and sulfur rich compounds.

Deep Nutrition:  Leeks are a good source of Kaempferol, a flavonol which provides support for our cardiovascular system, specifically helping to “protect blood vessel linings from damage…” [Dr Axe]

Deep Science:   Let alliums “rest” after chopping – see how to ensure allicin is abundant when you consume alliums including Leeks.  And for more science, here’s a quick NY Times article “The Chemical Weapons of Onions and Garlic”

Preparation:  Leeks benefit from a good cleaning to remove grit which accumulates through the growing season; a nice how-to clean leeks photo essay.  Although we primarily use the blanched stalk, the greens can be used in making stock.

Leek Recipe Suggestions: