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Trade Your Foodmiles for Foodsteps:

We have a variety of 2 page tip-sheets available for download.  These tip sheets were created to complement our Know Your Vegetables and Roots Down workshops; therefore they are geared toward gardeners and growers in SE Massachusetts.  Is there a topic you would like to see addressed at an upcoming workshop?  If so, please let us know.

Brix Bounty Farm Agricultural Tip Sheets

To achieve greater food security, we need many more local farms and gardens; community gardens and school gardens can connect our youth with food production.  Nourishing foods grown from vibrant soils create a foundation for personal and ecological health.  Local Foods can address the need to address our carbon footprint.

Brix Bounty Farm Tip Sheets:

Climate, Education, & Health

GH Presentation
NOFAMass Organic Gardening Workshop