Agriculture isn’t limited to rural areas… the school and community garden movement is flourishing on the  Southcoast and interest in urban agriculture continues to grow in the region.

Soil Remediation 101 Tip Sheet (including resource links)

Interested in school garden development?

A list of school garden resources to assist your planning.

Brix Bounty farm offers consulting and learning opportunities for those involved with the community and school garden movement.  Our free Roots Down organic gardening sessions provide garden planning tips which are relevant to gardens of all sizes.  On March 19th, 2011 we offered a teacher training with Friends Academy in Dartmouth.  See our Events page for details.

Trade Your Foodmiles for Foodsteps – Local Food, Urban Agriculture, and Food Systems at the Crossroads:

“I would hope that we can move along a continuum to make sure that all of citizens have access to the same fresh, safe, affordable good food regardless of their cultural, social or economic situation.”                     Growing Power’s Will Allen offers a Food Manifesto for America

  1. QuickCommunity Food Security Coalition (CFSC) – 6 Basic Principals of Community Food Security
  2. Intermediate – Michael Pollan’s 2008 NY Times article Farmer-in-Chief or for those who are inclined toward television instead of print – Bill Moyer’s Interview with Michael Pollan.
  3. Deep – Report:  The Food and Farming Transition – Toward a Post Carbon Food System published by the Post Carbon Institute – Richard Heinberg’s organization focusing on peak energy

School Garden Resources

See our Farm&Garden Resource Page for tip sheets on small scale food production, including our list of  Garden Education Resources.

  • Planning on building a raised bed?  The ENACT Project in Tiverton and Brown University published this quick and easy Raised Bed Garden 101 pamphlet.

Here is a partial list of Community and Educational Gardens in the Greater New Bedford Area from the Summer 2009.

Southcoast Community Gardens Coalition

Join us for the next scheduled Southcoast Community Gardens Coalition meeting at 4PM on Tuesday February 22nd as part of the Voices for a Healthy Southcoast meeting at the Corson Maritime Learning Center in New Bedford.   For details please call the farm or email derek.   For reference:  Community Garden Visioning Session Oct 2008 and notes from the Community Gardens Coalition Feb 3 2010 meeting.